Touki Delphine

Bo Koek, Rik Elstgeest, John van Oostrum & Chris Doyle are Touki Delphine; an artist collective of musicians, performers and visual artists. The members draw from their eclectic backgrounds to create stimulating visual works and modern music performances. 

In Touki Delphine’s multidimensional works they pull from classic and modern music from all corners of the globe, combine reinterpretations with original compositions and new visual concepts crossing and blurring disciplinary boundaries. Committed and resourceful. Serious and playful. An open question or visual stimulant can form a point of departure. Their methods result in a unique, dynamic cross-pollination of the arts.

Inspired by the climate crisis and the insights of Alexander von Humboldt that nature is a living whole, not a dysfunctional mass: that stones, plants, animals and people are all permeated by creative force, Touki Delphine pursues a restoration of balance between nature and modern humans. With all of our technological advancements, humans have significantly disrupted nature over the past two centuries. There is no going back. But maybe there’s a way forward. Not by deeming technology the leading culprit, but by achieving a new harmony with the help of that technology.

Using recycled materials, technological inventions and new or adapted compositions, Touki Delphine creates installations that explore these themes and the relationship between nature, humans and technology.

  • Bo Koek


    Bo Koek (1980) is an artist, musician and performer from Roelofarendsveen (NL).

    Koek studied classical percussion and Image&Sound at the interfaculty of royal conservatory / academy of fine arts in The Hague, and graduated cum laude in 2003.

    He is a founding member Touki Delphine, art rock band Kopna Kopna and synthpop group Sheila and the Kit.

    Koek has worked since 2004 with internationally acclaimed artists and groups such as Mocky, Benny Sings, Alamo Race Track, Gerry Arling and BinkBeats.

    He has created music and sound for music theater performances from Wunderbaum, De Warme Winkel, Johan Simons, Pieter Kramer, Paul Koek, Theun Mosk, Kammerspiele Munchen, Schauspielhaus Bochum, de Theateralliantie, Nt Gent and De Veenfabriek.

    Koek also co-runs Studio Delphine in Amsterdam (NL) where music is created for movies, television series, podcasts and webseries.

  • John van Oostrum


    John van Oostrum (1979) is a musician, visual artist and scenographer from Noordwijk (NL).

    At the age of eight, John was allowed to play with the depth gauge of his father’s boat. This device uses echolocation to determine the distance from the floor of a body of water to the bottom of a boat. Although the device was quickly destroyed, John now had a red light to spin around his room. Many devices would follow. John started playing guitar in a band when he was 12; a band which later became Touki Delphine (They go way back!).

    1999 – Following high school, John found a place where it is appreciated if you break materials (or social issues) apart, strip them of their original function or context, perhaps revealing a poetic quality. This place is the ArtScience study, an interfaculty of the Art Academy and the Conservatory of The Hague (NL).

    2004 – Upon completing his studies, John was involved in the establishment of the Veenfabriek and Touki Delphine; Two music theater companies where he continues to practice and deepen his love for music and crafts.

  • Rik Elstgeest


    Rik Elstgeest (1979) is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Amsterdam (NL). Upon completion of his study in classical percussion (cum laude) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2003, Elstgeest founded the collective Touki Delphine together with Bo Koek and John van Oostrum and became official members of the Veenfabriek music-theater group in 2005. In the following years was Elstgeest active domestically and internationally with bands Kopna Kopna, Ghosttrucker, Track and Alamo Race Track. In 2011 he left the Veenfabriek to focus on music composition and production for film and television. Often together with Gerry Arling (and occasionally Bo Koek) he composed music for the youth series Dr Cheezy, Van God Los, Alleen op de Wereld, Voetbalmeisjes, De Wilde Ruimte, and most recently the critically acclaimed Lampje. Elstgeest has also released three albums as a solo-artist under the moniker Eckhardt and the House and reached millions of listeners worldwide via Spotify and radio play.

  • Chris Doyle


    Chris Doyle (1988) is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Seal Harbor, Maine (USA). Following his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA) and McGill University in Montreal (CA), Doyle moved to New York City in 2013. Working as a freelance musician, he gradually began splitting his time between New York and Amsterdam and first collaborated with Touki Delphine in 2017, joining the group officially in 2019. Outside of Touki Delphine, Doyle continues to work as a freelance musician and composer in both The Netherlands and US. He released a solo piano album “Piano Songs 2” (in collaboration with composer Danny Fisher-Lochhead) in 2019, and another “For Afie” is set to release in 2023. He is a member of the Meral Polat Trio, Sheila and the Kit, Katherine Perkins’ band, Tczeebo, Eckhardt and the House, and collaborates with numerous others including the Grammy-nominated Brooklyn afrobeat collective Antibalas.


A series of works concerning the distorted balance between humans and nature. 

Touki Delphine uses recycled materials to build installations that integrate technology and musical composition. These installations address the relationship of humans, nature, and technology; at times mirroring the grandiosity of nature’s power, other times celebrating the ever-trying and often-failing human. Together, these installations will comprise the large-scale artwork DELPHINARIUM (2024/2025); an overview exhibition of our works that will take on the form of an artificial indoor park in which nature is depicted as a man-made world of equipment. 

The exhibition will include TRANSMISSION (2023) MACHINE (2022),  RELAY (2021) FIREBIRD (2019),  and components of Botanical Wasteland (2019) (in co-production with Boogaerdt/Van der Schoot).

“The members of Touki Delphine present a mix of music, visual arts and digital projection.

However, those who reason that their material is made up of sound, histrionics and performance, are equally correct.”

– The Volkskrant


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