This summer, it’s going to happen: The car is going down. It has brought us a lot: individual freedom, adventure, convenience, and eroticism, but its time has come. It has to face its end.

Het Zomeroffer (The Summer Sacrifice) is based on the famous The Rite of Spring (Le sacre du printemps) by Igor Stravinsky. Where in the original ballet a young woman is sacrificed, in our version, every evening for 35 summer evenings, the four-wheeler of someone from the audience will die. Someone who is ready to take a step back to let the earth catch its breath. Those who want to survive must make sacrifices. And a sacrifice is never painless…

In a grand music theater spectacle where theater, music, singing, and dance merge into a contemporary yet timeless ritual, our beloved car meets its end.

De Warme Winkel is without a doubt the most talked-about theater company in the Netherlands. In 2019, they could be seen in the Amsterdamse Bostheater with the acclaimed De Drie Musketiers (The Three Musketeers), which broke all visitor records. Then they were spectacular and hilarious, now they go for monumental and poetic. Together with the internationally renowned multi-talents of Touki Delphine and master musicians of Asko|Schönberg, a large ensemble of actors, singers, and musicians take on this extraordinary challenge.

If you are intrigued to give up your car, and thus your mobility, because you are convinced like De Warme Winkel that the earth needs moral donors, are there still a few evenings available, sign up here and receive twenty free tickets!

See you this summer at the Amsterdamse Bostheater. A 12-minute bike ride from Amsterdam Zuid station.

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